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Welcome to The Big Scary Bear


About Us:

The Owners

Richard and Karen Collier are the owners of The Big Scary Bear, which is based at Bramble Cottage in a small semi-rural village in Cock Clarks, Essex. They are passionate about their Alpacas, by bringing you a chance to buy your very own Albert the Alpaca or 100% British Alpaca Wool.

The Wool

Their fleece is sourced from their very own herd of alpacas, living with them at Bramble Cottage, along with their six pygmy goats, two cats and two rabbits.

The fleece is hand sortedand graded before being made into yarn by a specialist spinning mill, based in Oxfordshire.

Alpaca fibre is considered a luxury yarn due to its properties of being very fine and lightweight while being exceptionally warm and strong. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and non-flammable.

The Owners

The owners:
Richard and Karen

Our Fleece

Our Fleece:
Home Grown

Albert Alpaca

Albert the Alpaca